Brighter Futures

Hello friends, I have some very exciting news.

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve received and accepted an offer to be a part of YinzCam, the industry-leading provider of interactive, in-stadium sports streaming technology! “Why would you need to stream while you’re in the stadium watching a game live?”, you ask? Well, think of it this way. When you’re watching a game on TV, you get to see instant replays, different camera angles, score tickers, line markers, player bios, and more. YinzCam delivers this experience to you while you’re in the stadium, which dramatically enriches the entire game-day experience.

The company, being a start-up spun off of Carnegie Mellon University, is located in Pittsburgh. (Those of you who follow me on Twitter undoubtedly saw my tweets and pictures about visiting Pittsburgh around this time last month.) As such, I’ll be relocating there to begin on-site work at the beginning of next month: January 2015.

I’m thrilled about this wonderful opportunity to advance my knowledge and jump-start my iOS development career. Solo work as an indie developer is fun, and I’ve enjoyed it, but it won’t directly help my future. Truth be told, I was only barely getting by from BronyTunes’ app sales, with almost all of the funds earned being recycled back in to pay for the server it ran on.

Now, I can already hear the concerned “hmm"s of worry from my (absolutely wonderful and supportive) userbase. I know… you’re concerned about the future of BronyTunes. Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay. Let me explain why:

Back before I was employed, I had barely enough money to get by. I couldn’t afford to realistically invest in any further performance improvements for BronyTunes, and forget about marketing it. My marketing budget has been a flat, dead zero for the past 6 months at least. It was getting to the point where I might’ve had to shut down the service out of sheer lack of funds altogether.

But now, even though I may not have as much free time to develop new features for BronyTunes, the project’s overall future is brighter than ever now that I’m going to be financially secure. I’ll be able to invest a portion of my earnings (after taxes, bills, savings investments, etc.) into advertising and promotions, as well as upgrading and boosting the servers and networks that power the service and deliver the music.

And YinzCam, by the way, is a wonderful company. The founder/CEO is brilliant, and I greatly enjoyed my conversations with her. Working with this team is going to be an incredible experience for all of us: I’ll be able to offer my talents and existing experience with intelligent media streaming on iOS (thanks to BronyTunes), and they’ll be giving me my first real opportunity to be a part of a startup, one that’s gaining considerable momentum as of late. I’ve been waiting for someone to take a chance on me, and now they have. Now it’s my turn to prove that I’m worth their investment in me.

I’m very excited about the future. Thank you, friends, for your wonderful support and encouragement as I enter this exciting new chapter of my life. You’ve all been encouragements to me in ways big and small, and I hugely appreciate it.



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