Everfree Network to Shut Down, But Not All Is Lost  

Final Draft, director of Everfree Network:

After over a year of careful consideration I and the other staff of Everfree Network have conclusively decided to shut down EFN, effective January 1, 2015.

I want to stress that this decision was in no way based on any drama, financial concern, or other conspiracy, but instead it reflects our collective need for the time and energy to focus on newer, bigger, and better projects.

Our group is strong, and we’re ready to take on the challenge of broadcasting our own material to a broader audience. But we will never forget our incredible listeners and viewers. Your support got us this far.

I can’t help but wonder what the cause of this was. There was indeed plenty of drama and even scandal rumors started about the inner workings of the media juggernaut that was EFN. But they deny that drama or trolls’ scandal rumors were the cause, along with denying the next logical conclusion: financial concerns, leaving us all to wonder just what went wrong.

Everfree Radio, our popular audio station will live on on a new site run by an entirely new crew – Canterlot Hill.

To me, however, it seems that while Everfree Network—in terms of branding and its Poison Joke Productions ownership—is no more, Everfree Network—in terms of its content and (most of its) staff—remain intact. They’ve been rebranded and regrouped under the new name.

Does this mean that the real cause of EFN’s closure is because the staff wants to disassociate themselves from the aforementioned drama, and start over with a new name and clean slate? It makes some sense. Or maybe Final Draft just wanted to move onto new projects, which also makes sense. Whatever the reason may be, I wish them the best.

Canterlot Hill, I look forward to watching your rise up from EFN’s ashes. From one music service to another: let’s help keep this incredible community’s talented music scene thriving for years to come.


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